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» Fox News Insider - Hannity Rips Peter Strzok After Being Escorted Out of FBI
Today at 6:34 am by Jude

» Fox News - Did Peter Strzok’s anti-Trump bias lead to the Russia probe?
Today at 6:33 am by Jude

» Fox Business - China made a mistake retaliating to Trump tariffs: Peter Navarro
Today at 6:32 am by Jude

» Fox Business - Mueller is on a vendetta: Sam Nunberg
Today at 6:32 am by Jude

» Fox Business - Giuliani: "The Dragon Gowdy Spits Fire But Still Gives Americans Proof That Term Limits Are Necessary!"
Today at 6:31 am by Jude

» Screen Hoopla - The Dragon Gowdy Spits Fire But Still Gives Americans Proof That Term Limits Are Necessary!
Today at 6:27 am by Jude

» Screen Hoopla - Look Who The Trump Administration Just Caught Leaking Classified Information
Today at 6:19 am by Jude

» The Next News Network - FBI Director Wray Just Heaped Praise on Mueller With What He Just Said About the Witch Hunt
Today at 6:16 am by Jude

» Russian Vids 2 - The Occult Of Houston Texas
Today at 6:13 am by Jude

» Russian Vids 2 - The Occult Of The Bohemian Grove
Today at 6:12 am by Jude

» Herman Cain - Real People Reporting
Today at 6:10 am by Jude

» On Point Preparedness - Preparing for an Alien Deception: Donald Trump and Pope Francis
Today at 6:08 am by Jude

» End Times Productions - TheMost Important Video You Will Ever See!
Today at 6:06 am by Jude

» David Zublick Channel - Witness To Pope's Arrest Speaks Out
Today at 6:03 am by Jude

» New 2 Torah - If I Only Had A Nickel!
Today at 6:02 am by Jude

» Dick Morris Perspective - Hidden Bombs In The IG Report!
Today at 6:01 am by Jude

» Dick Morris Perspective - Ladies & Gents - Pastors Speaks After Meeting President Trump
Today at 6:00 am by Jude

» Dick Morris Perspective - Don’t Let Illegals Use Their Children To Cross The Border!
Today at 5:59 am by Jude

» BP Earth Watch - Kīlauea Slumping/USGS/Collapse at Summit
Today at 5:58 am by Jude

» Dahboo 77 - Black Water Flowing In Mississippi, Residents Told Its Safe to Drink
Today at 5:56 am by Jude

» Torah Family - Scriptures For Life | Make it Happen
Today at 5:55 am by Jude

» Torah Family - Scriptures For Life | Don't be Fooled
Today at 5:55 am by Jude

» Judicial Watch - CSPAN: Chris Farrell's Remarks on the IG Report, Clinton Investigation
Today at 5:53 am by Jude

» Judicial Watch - JW: IG Report Reconfirms that POTUS was RIGHT to Fire Comey
Today at 5:52 am by Jude

» Judicial Watch - On Watch: The IG Report on the Clinton Email Investigation
Today at 5:52 am by Jude

» Judicial Watch - JW: NEW Lawsuit for Mueller Deputy Andrew Weissmann Text Messages Regarding Trump, Clinton
Today at 5:51 am by Jude

» Judicial Watch - JW Continues to Fight for Election Integrity in America
Today at 5:50 am by Jude

» Judicial Watch - JW: Will DOJ Prosecute Hillary Clinton Over Email Scandal?
Today at 5:49 am by Jude

» Judicial Watch - JW: Victory for Election Integrity by SCOTUS; Dirty Election Rolls Can Mean Dirty Elections
Today at 5:49 am by Jude

» Blackstone Intelligence Network - Thousands of Illegal Immigrant Children Sent to Detention Camps
Today at 5:47 am by Jude

» Sgt. Report - They Kill Our Money, Our Innocence And Our Children
Today at 5:44 am by Jude

» Seeking The Truth - Chicago School Principal Retired after Outraging Parents Inviting a Anti Police Extremist
Today at 5:43 am by Jude

» Seeking The Truth - Trey Gowdy Slams James Comey and IG about conclusion of No Bias
Today at 5:43 am by Jude

» Seeking The Truth - Andrew McCabe lost his Pension while James Comey Gets to keep His? America is Not Buying This
Today at 5:42 am by Jude

» Amicus Humani Generis - "I Will Apologize To No One!" Trey Trey Gowdy Reminds Democrats He Will Hold Any Hearing He Wants
Today at 5:31 am by Jude

» Amicus Humani Generis - Nikki Haley Announces United States Withdrawal From UN Human Rights Council
Today at 5:30 am by Jude

» Amicus Humani Generis - "You're Planning On Firing Rod Rosenstein On Friday" Congressman Freaks Out On Jim Jordan
Today at 5:29 am by Jude

» Amicus Humani Generis - "HOW IN THE HELL?" Trey Gowdy's Pissed James Comey Never Questioned Hillary On Intent
Today at 5:28 am by Jude

» Amicus Humani Generis - "That's The Textbook Definition Of Bias!" Trey Gowdy Goes Off On Inspector General Horowitz
Today at 5:24 am by Jude

» Now You See TV - The Final Kingdom to Bow: Kim Jung Un, POTUS Trump and the Worship of Country with Dr. Pidgeon
Today at 5:22 am by Jude

» Now You See TV - Pray Always - Disputed Lands with special guests Chris & Liz Bailey
Today at 5:22 am by Jude

» Conservative Citizen - Ann Coulter Addresses 'Separating Families at the Border' Narrative
Today at 5:21 am by Jude

» Conservative Citizen - Jim Jordan on Family Separations, Ryan's Immigration Bill
Today at 5:20 am by Jude

» Chris Ken Simpson - CIA Officer Charged for Massive WikiLeaks Vault 7 Release, Joshua Schulte Describes FBI Raid
Today at 5:19 am by Jude

» Screen Hoopla - President Trump Withdraws The U S From The Human Rights Council, Here Are The Facts
Today at 5:19 am by Jude

» Screen Hoopla - Senator Cruz Gets The Last Laugh In The Clinton Email Probe Senate Judiciary Hearing
Today at 5:13 am by Jude

» Screen Hoopla - A Terrifying Warning For Americans After Retired Marine's Disclosure & Discovery
Today at 5:10 am by Jude

» Screen Hoopla - Laura Bush Breaks Her Silence, Suddenly Comes Out Swinging At Trump And Makes Huge Mistake
Today at 5:09 am by Jude

» Robert Clancy - Prayer Of Grace Using Scripture
Today at 5:00 am by Jude

» Dr. Alan Mandell - The Weirdest Stress Reducer Ever (That Totally Works)
Today at 4:47 am by Jude

» Israeli News Live - Syrian Offensive Begins Near Jordanian Border
Today at 4:39 am by Jude

» The Still Report - Hillary Was NEVER Under FBI Investigation?! | 2289
Today at 4:34 am by Jude

» The Still Report - FBI Tried to Entrap Trump | 2288
Today at 4:33 am by Jude

» Fox News - Reps. Gowdy, Goodlatte on Strzok's anti-Trump bias
Today at 4:25 am by Jude

» Fox News - Rep. McCaul on his immigration meeting with Trump
Today at 4:24 am by Jude

» Fox News - Economic impact of Trump's trade agenda
Today at 4:24 am by Jude

» Fox News - Gowdy zeroes in on text to 'stop' Trump from winning
Today at 4:23 am by Jude

» Fox News - Rep. Meadows: GOP is not playing politics with immigration
Today at 4:22 am by Jude

» Fox News - President Trump threatens China with new tariffs
Today at 4:22 am by Jude

» Fox News - Trump stresses merit-based system for US entry
Today at 4:21 am by Jude

» Fox News - Trump visits Capitol Hill on immigration
Today at 4:21 am by Jude

» Fox News - Peter Strzok escorted from FBI building
Today at 4:20 am by Jude

» Fox News - Gutfeld on the media's take on border separations
Today at 4:20 am by Jude

» Fox News - GOP vies to hold seat in Texas special election
Today at 4:16 am by Jude

» Fox News - Kim Jong Un visits China again following summit with Trump
Today at 4:15 am by Jude

» Fox News - Roger Stone: There was another case of possible FBI meddling
Today at 4:13 am by Jude

» Fox News - Official: US to leave UN Human Rights Council
Today at 4:12 am by Jude

» Fox News - Trump speaks at National Federation of Independent Business
Today at 4:12 am by Jude

» Fox News - West Point graduate who posed with Communism cap discharged
Today at 4:11 am by Jude

» Fox News - Gowdy scorches Comey in opening statement at IG hearing
Today at 4:07 am by Jude

» Fox News - Why subpoena Strzok if he is volunteering his testimony?
Today at 4:01 am by Jude

» Fox News - Senators slam 'culture' of FBI official bias
Today at 4:00 am by Jude

» Fox News - Tucker: Stay skeptical of people in charge - they lie a lot
Today at 3:59 am by Jude

» The Next News Network - BREAKING: IG Just EXPOSED the RADICAL Anti-Trump Bias of EVEN More FBI Agents Working On
Today at 3:56 am by Jude

» The Next News Network - BREAKING: Trump SLAMS Dems, REVEALS Secret About Their Plans For Illegal Aliens They Want Hidden
Today at 3:55 am by Jude

» The Next News Network - BREAKING: Deep State Rats McCabe and Comey PANIC! Ted Cruz ROASTS FBI Director over HUGE Lie!
Today at 3:48 am by Jude

» The Next News Network - BREAKING: 100% CONFIRMED! James Comey Sweating Bullets After IG VERIFIES His Worst
Today at 3:47 am by Jude

» The Next News Network - BOOM! Trump Directs Pentagon to Create ‘Space Force,’ After Obama Gutted NASA
Today at 3:46 am by Jude

» The Next News Network - BREAKING: He Was DRAGGED OUT the FBI Offices! JUSTICE Finally Strikes DEEP STATE Rat In the FACE!
Today at 3:41 am by Jude

» The Next News Network - Happening Now! IG Testifying Before Joint House Committee Hearing On FBI Report
Today at 3:40 am by Jude

» Mark Levin Show - 06.19.18
Yesterday at 11:58 pm by Jude

» Dutchsinse - 6/19/2018 -- California Volcanic plume location NOW HIT BY EARTHQUAKE + Hawaii volcanoes update
Yesterday at 11:57 pm by Jude

» Dan Bongino Show - Don’t Let The Democrats Get Away With Their Latest Lie | Episode 745
Yesterday at 10:06 pm by Jude

» BP Earth Watch - Earth Is Moving thru a Geomagnetic Storm/GULF UPDATE
Yesterday at 10:04 pm by Jude

» BP Earth Watch - He Who Controls The Weather Controls The World
Yesterday at 10:04 pm by Jude

» BP Earth Watch - Nunes Moves Toward Impeachment/Top FBI/DOJ
Yesterday at 10:03 pm by Jude

» BP Earth Watch - Tropical System in Gulf./Eye on Texas/Hawaii/CERN
Yesterday at 10:02 pm by Jude

» Scriptures on Rebelled
Yesterday at 10:00 pm by Jude

» Scriptures on Rebellious
Yesterday at 9:56 pm by Jude

» Scriptures on Rebels
Yesterday at 9:38 pm by Jude


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