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Sgt. Report - This is the face of evil

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Today You Tube PURGED the Richie From Boston channel. He HAD 150,000 subscribers.  You Tube also terminated the Jordan Sather channel. The fascist "Winston Smiths" at You Tube are now targeting investigative journalist Jerome Corsi too. Is this discrimination of political speech legal? I guess it doesn't matter if you're an entity under the Google umbrella. Just ask former Google engineer and truth teller James Damore.  Questioning the Florida shooting seems to be the common theme that brought these channels down. So in the spirit of stupidity and what ought to be a FREE PRESS, I'm going there too.

Dana Loesch Speech CPAC 2018.

MUST WATCH: Expert Asks Questions about Florida Shooting

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May Abba Yahuah Bless you and guard you. May the light of EL Shaddai shine upon you, and may Abba Yahuah be gracious to you. May the presence of Elohim be with you and give you peace! - Judy

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