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» Judicial Watch - Tom Fitton w/Jim Jordan: Hillary Clinton 'Was & Is' Being Protected over Her Actions at State Dept.
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» Judicial Watch - BREAKING--Hillary Clinton Answers Key Judicial Watch Questions About Private Email Server
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» Judicial Watch - Tom Fitton Delivers Opening Remarks on the Clinton Foundation & Uranium One Scandals
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» The Patriot Hour - Q Who I Am & Why I'm Even Here [Light vs Dark]
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» TV7 Israel News - Israel's challenges from its northern frontier- Jerusalem Studio 382
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» TV7 Israel News - Whoever attacks Israel will ‘pay with his life’ - TV7 Israel News 14.12.18
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» TV7 Israel News - Russian-Israeli relations amid Iranian expansionism - JS 383 trailer
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» TV7 Israel News - Wave of terrorism hits Israel - This Week in 60s 14.12.2018
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» Dustin Nemos2 - 12.13.18 - Whistleblowers, Huber, Q, Justice Phase Progresses
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» Dutchsinse - 12/14/2018 -- Earthquake unrest likely next several days -- Keep Watch + Have a plan
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» World Alternative Media - How Crypto Can OVERTHROW Governments! - Evolution NOT Revolution (with Sterlin Lujan)
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» One America News Network - Latest on Chief of Staff Search
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» One America News Network - Middle Eastern women coalition endorses President Trump for 2020
Today at 16:53 by Jude

» One America News Network - Washington Police Chief Says He Won't Enforce New Gun Law
Today at 16:52 by Jude

» One America News Network - Congressional witnesses claim FBI investigating Clinton Foundation
Today at 16:51 by Jude

» One America News Network - U.S., Greece hold first strategic dialogue under Trump admin. at State Dept.
Today at 16:51 by Jude

» One America News Network - Calif. considering texting tax
Today at 16:50 by Jude

» One America News Network - Guess how many Americans want a border wall?
Today at 16:50 by Jude

» One America News Network - Congressman calls on Trump to declassify FBI documents in Mueller witch hunt
Today at 16:50 by Jude

» One America News Network - Tonight's Tipping Points: Cohen, CA Text Tax, & Michael Flynn!
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» The Fullerton Informer - Let There Be Light Let It Be The Right Kind
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» The Fullerton Informer - Polio Is Returning
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» Conservative Citizen - Bill O'Reilly Reacts to Michael Cohen's Prison Sentence
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» Conservative Citizen - Dr. Sebastian Gorka on FBI's Entrapment of General Flynn
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» Conservative Citizen - Pat Buchanan on Comparing Trump Admin to Watergate Era WH
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» The Patriot Hour - Q Be The Light In The Dark [Pawns In The Game] Learn The Facts
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» Fox News - Graham: No evidence of collusion by Trump campaign
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» Fox News - Feds launch probe into Trump Inauguration fund
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» Fox News - Gaetz predicts Jared Kushner will be next chief of staff
Today at 16:29 by Jude

» Fox News - 7-year-old migrant child dies in Border Patrol custody
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» Fox News - Tom Fitton on Congress investigating the Clinton Foundation
Today at 16:24 by Jude

» Fox News - White House reacts to Cohen interview
Today at 16:24 by Jude

» Fox News - President Trump admits hiring Michael Cohen was a mistake
Today at 16:23 by Jude

» The Next News Network - Greenie Libs DEVASTATED After Supreme Court Delivers MASSIVE Ruling on Trump’s Wall!
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» The Next News Network - BOOM! Trump Lawyer Giuliani Drops ATOM BOMB On Michael Cohen when He Revealed His WORST NIGHTMARE
Today at 16:11 by Jude

» The Next News Network - Blunt Elon Musk Looks Straight Into The Camera And Says This About the SEC
Today at 16:10 by Jude

» The Next News Network - School Board Fires Christian Teacher by 5-0 Vote for Refusing To Use Kid’s Preferred Pronoun
Today at 16:09 by Jude

» The Next News Network - DeVos’ Title IX Fix Gets Unanimously Rejected by Student Gov’t, But Only a Few Seem To Have Read It
Today at 16:06 by Jude

» Dutchsinse - 12/14/2018 -- West Coast California NEW FIRE + Hotspots at Volcanoes - Unrest spreads - Be Prepared
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» Sgt. Report - The Walls ARE CLOSING In
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» Praying Medic - Qanon December 13 At What point do people wake up
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» Operation Freedom - Famed NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney & Kirk Weibe Let Loose on Declassification!
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» Truthification Chronicles - Fetal Tissue RESEARCH???
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» X 22 Report - Stealth Prosecutor Activated, Avoided ‘Z’,Severe Pain Coming To DC - Episode 1740b
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» X 22 Report - Confirmed, US Has Gold, Gold Will Bring Down The Fed - Episode 1740a
Today at 9:13 by Jude

» Dan Bongino Show - Big Trouble For Mueller and the Clinton Foundation | 871
Today at 8:31 by Jude

» Fox News - Exclusive: Kirstjen Nielsen's interview on 'Fox & Friends'
Today at 8:30 by Jude

» Fox News - Diamond & Silk: Nancy Pelosi is out of touch
Today at 8:30 by Jude

» Fox News - DeSantis recaps Trump's meeting with newly-elected governors
Today at 8:29 by Jude

» Fox News - Does Michael Flynn have a case for entrapment?
Today at 8:29 by Jude

» Fox News - Stephen Miller weighs in on border wall fight
Today at 8:28 by Jude

» Fox News - Ingraham: Trump successes in black and white
Today at 8:28 by Jude

» Fox News - Melania Trump talks to Hannity in Part II Exclusive
Today at 8:25 by Jude

» Fox News - Did James Comey set up Michael Flynn?
Today at 8:25 by Jude

» Fox News - Bishop debates Tucker: Stop turning away the caravan
Today at 8:24 by Jude

» Fox News - Tucker and Tijuana delegate blast migrant caravan
Today at 8:13 by Jude

» Fox News - Sanders: Trump calling on Democrats to do their jobs
Today at 8:06 by Jude

» Fox News - Did Andrew McCabe pull Michael Flynn into a perjury trap?
Today at 8:05 by Jude

» The Next News Network - Deserves The Guillotine?! DiGenova Rips Rod Rosenstein Apart As Dishonest Lawyer
Today at 8:00 by Jude

» The Next News Network - Ocasio-Cortez Claims To Have UNBELIEVABLE Ancestry Look How NY Voters React
Today at 7:57 by Jude

» The Next News Network - BOOM! Attorney Gregg Jarrett DESTROYS Liberal NY AG and “Morons” on Staff Behind Cohen Report
Today at 7:56 by Jude

» The Next News Network - BREAKING: Trump BLINDSIDES Press With UNEXPECTED Cancelation That Will Have Them Screaming SCROOGE!
Today at 7:56 by Jude

» The Next News Network - BREAKING: After Federal Judge Issues Demand Entire Flynn Case About To COLLAPSE - Mueller Finished!
Today at 7:42 by Jude

» War Drummer Official - Live Stream
Today at 7:37 by Jude

» The Next News Network - BREAKING: Trump FURIOUS After Honduran Invaders Issue SICK Demand To Make The Caravan Return Home
Yesterday at 18:45 by Jude

» The Next News Network - BREAKING: Trump Reveals EXACTLY What Would Happen If Democrats EXECUTE Impeachment, and it's UGLY
Yesterday at 18:42 by Jude

» The Next News Network - BREAKING: President Trump Announced How He Just Got Mexico To PAY FOR THE WALL!
Yesterday at 18:36 by Jude

» The Next News Network - Former Federal Prosecutor DUMPS On Mueller Report - Liberals Have NOWHERE to Go Now!
Yesterday at 18:36 by Jude

» Conservative Citizen - Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Breitbart News Daily (12/13/2018)
Yesterday at 18:34 by Jude

» Conservative Citizen - Rep. Louie Gohmert on Dishonest Michael Flynn Setup
Yesterday at 18:34 by Jude

» Conservative Citizen - Gregg Jarrett Reacts to Michael Cohen's Prison Sentence
Yesterday at 18:33 by Jude

» Conservative Citizen - Tom Fitton Weighs in on the Cohen Sentencing
Yesterday at 17:51 by Jude

» Conservative Citizen - Joe diGenova Reacts to Michael Cohen's Sentencing
Yesterday at 17:46 by Jude

» Fox News - Trump pushes back against Democrats' impeachment threats
Yesterday at 17:46 by Jude

» Fox News - Senate passes resolution to end US involvement in Yemen War
Yesterday at 17:45 by Jude

» The Next News Network - Breaking! Treasonous Senators Trash America Before Escaping Judgment
Yesterday at 17:44 by Jude

» The Next News Network - After Weeks of Anti-Tax Protests – Failed French President Macron Addresses the Nation
Yesterday at 17:43 by Jude

» War Drummer Official - Pt2. Two faces of One -A look back at the 4D chess Grandmaster
Yesterday at 17:42 by Jude

» James Red Pills America - What Happened To America? A Question by a Trump Supporting American Patriot
Yesterday at 14:50 by Jude

» Dane Wigington - Toxic Skies, Blatant Geoengineering Over Yosemite National Park, California
Yesterday at 14:49 by Jude

» Bill Mitchell - YourVoice™ America (12/12) "Whistleblower Thursday Coming!"
Yesterday at 14:47 by Jude

» Dahboo 777 - Dozens of Threats Have Officials In Multiple States Evacuatin Schools and Businesses
Yesterday at 14:46 by Jude

» Dahboo 777 - Colombia Warns Venezuela-Russia War Games Are An Alert for Entire Continent
Yesterday at 14:41 by Jude

» Dahboo 777 - Chinese Military Official Suggests Attack vs US Ships In South China Sea
Yesterday at 14:41 by Jude


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Fox News - Hannity: Key Trump campaign promise moves closer to reality

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Fox News - Hannity: Key Trump campaign promise moves closer to reality

Post  Jude on Tue 13 Mar 2018 - 22:36

President Trump tours border wall prototypes along the Mexican border in California.

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