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Yesterday at 11:21 pm by Jude

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» A Rood Awakening! - FORBIDDEN footage of actual location of Red Sea Crossing And Mount Sinai
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» Cordicon - How Many Coincidences Needed To Be Mathematically Impossible?
Yesterday at 10:26 pm by Jude

» Dane Wigington - Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, November 17, 2018, #171
Yesterday at 10:12 pm by Jude

» Fox News - Gutfeld: For Trump-obsessed media, it's all bad all the time
Yesterday at 9:44 pm by Jude

» Fox News - Steve Scalise talks road to recovery and return to Congress
Yesterday at 9:41 pm by Jude

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Yesterday at 9:40 pm by Jude

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Yesterday at 9:34 pm by Jude

» Fox News - Judge Jeanine: Move over fake news, here come fake laws
Yesterday at 9:23 pm by Jude

» Fox News - Ann Coulter: Trump doesn't need Congress to build the wall
Yesterday at 9:22 pm by Jude

» The Next News Network - Chuck Schumer Just Commited the Money to Build Trump’s Wall - But The President Isn’t Pleased
Yesterday at 9:11 pm by Jude

» X22 Report - Bix Weir: "It's Coming,Economic Transition,Unsealed Indictments, Arrests,Martial Law & The Truth"
Yesterday at 9:09 pm by Jude

» Space Shot 76 - Q anon Podcast- Rdoc decodes
Yesterday at 8:09 pm by Jude

» Space Shot 76 - Q Anon - Current Events/News
Yesterday at 7:38 pm by Jude

» X Anon - Truman Show - Sirius Dog Star/911
Yesterday at 7:33 pm by Jude

» Fox News - Gillum concedes Florida governor race
Yesterday at 7:26 pm by Jude

» Fox News - Trump arrives in California to survey wildfire damage
Yesterday at 7:25 pm by Jude

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Yesterday at 7:19 pm by Jude

» Fox News - Are caravan organizers putting migrants' lives in danger?
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» The Next News Network - Top GOP Rep Just Got AWESOME News! LOOK Where He’s Going Now!
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» The Next News Network - Dems DEFY Court Orders to Inspect Elections HQ, Matt Gaetz Goes BALLISTIC!
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» The Next News Network - UNREAL! Trump Supporter Gets Banned From Disney World After Showing His Proud Support For Trump!!
Yesterday at 6:58 pm by Jude

» The Next News Network - BOOM! Trump’s America Just Welcomed 878,000 NEW millionaires in last 12 months
Yesterday at 6:30 pm by Jude

» The Next News Network - Scientist Admits ‘Serious Errors’ in Own Headline-Grabbing Global Warming Study Render It Useless
Yesterday at 6:29 pm by Jude

» Dustin Nemos2 - Updates On Border & Elections, Accosta and Justice Phase of The Plan
Yesterday at 9:01 am by Jude

» X Anon - U.S. Military's Modification of Hurricanes
Yesterday at 8:59 am by Jude

» The Next News Network - Archaeologists Thrilled by Discovery of Ancient ‘Jesus Face’ Painting
Yesterday at 8:56 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Stranger's
Yesterday at 8:33 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Strangers'
Yesterday at 8:32 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Strangers
Yesterday at 8:30 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Stricken
Yesterday at 8:24 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Strife
Yesterday at 8:22 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Strifes
Yesterday at 8:18 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Stripling
Yesterday at 8:16 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Strip
Yesterday at 8:15 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Stripped
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» Scriptures on Stripes
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» Scriptures on Stripe
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» Scriptures on Stript
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» Scriptures on Strive
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» Scriptures on Strived
Yesterday at 7:56 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Striven
Yesterday at 7:55 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Striveth
Yesterday at 7:55 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Striving
Yesterday at 7:54 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Strivings
Yesterday at 7:53 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Stroke
Yesterday at 7:52 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Strokes
Yesterday at 7:50 am by Jude

» Scriptures on Strong
Yesterday at 7:49 am by Jude

» Maranatha Singers - Create In Me A Clean Heart O God
Yesterday at 6:41 am by Jude

» Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel (MJAI) - Praise to Our God 5 Concert - Gadol Adonai
Yesterday at 6:38 am by Jude

» Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel (MJAI) - Praise to Our God 5 Concert - Lechu Nerannena LeAdonai (Let us sing to the Lord)
Yesterday at 6:36 am by Jude

» News Today - Coming All Out Now! Guess Who's Going Down! Secretary Nielsen UNCOVERED Who's Behind The Caravans!
Yesterday at 5:57 am by Jude

» Screen Hoopla - Trump Won't Stand For This!
Yesterday at 5:55 am by Jude

» Now You See TV - Enoch Taken By Elohim in The Book of Jasher
Yesterday at 5:53 am by Jude

» Now You See TV - The Wizards of Old and The Great White Brotherhood
Yesterday at 5:52 am by Jude

» Now You See TV - What is the TRICK to the Holidays? W/ Dr. Stephen Pidgeon
Yesterday at 5:51 am by Jude

» Now You See TV - Mystery of Dark Science and The End of Humanity
Yesterday at 5:51 am by Jude

» Now You See TV - 911: Reverse Engineering Building 7 with Engineer Daniel Noel presented by Flat Out Insights
Yesterday at 5:50 am by Jude

» Now You See TV - This Secret Can't Get Out: Cover Up, Lies, and Absolute Wickedness
Yesterday at 5:47 am by Jude

» Now You See TV - Biblical Health: Chris and Liz Bailey, "Combatting the AGENDA to keep you Sick!!
Yesterday at 5:46 am by Jude

» Vaxxed TV - Rotavirus reaction at 4 months
Yesterday at 5:42 am by Jude

» Vaxxed TV - Israeli Mother on her daughter's MMR injury
Yesterday at 5:41 am by Jude

» Vaxxed TV - “Educate Before You Vaccinate"
Yesterday at 5:39 am by Jude

» Dr. Alan Mandell - Clear Your Sinus Congestion Pronto ... Rock This Bone Back and Forth
Yesterday at 5:34 am by Jude

» The Truth Hunter - What was un-EARTHED in South America/Chile/Lynch
Yesterday at 5:31 am by Jude

» Project Veritas - MORE Non-Citizens Voting in TX? "We don't check" For Citizenship
Yesterday at 5:29 am by Jude

» Project Veritas - Georgia Electioneering: "Democrats has a better platform" Says Elections Off. in Undercover Video
Yesterday at 5:28 am by Jude

» Project Veritas - Non-Citizens Voting in Texas? "We got TONS of them" Says Election Official on Undercover Video
Yesterday at 5:27 am by Jude

» No Lies Radio - Suspicious California Fires_False Flag Weekly News 11/16/2018
Yesterday at 5:20 am by Jude

» No Lies Radio - Man Bites Dog: Met Museum of Art, The Guardian support “conspiracy theories”!
Yesterday at 5:19 am by Jude

» No Lies Radio - Radical White Men Terrorists? — Pipe Bombs & Pittsburg Murders -- False Flag Weekly News 11/02/18
Yesterday at 5:19 am by Jude

» No Lies Radio - Probable False Flag in Kerch Crimea -- False Flag Weekly News 10/26/18
Yesterday at 5:18 am by Jude

» No Lies Radio - Killing Khashoggi in the Business of Energy, Banking, & War--False Flag Weekly News
Yesterday at 5:17 am by Jude

» Hagmann Report - Keith Hanson: "Takes No Prisoners"
Yesterday at 5:16 am by Jude

» The Heritage Foundation - What's Wrong with Protectionism: Answering Common Objections to Free Trade
Yesterday at 5:14 am by Jude

» The Heritage Foundation - 5 Stubborn Facts on Gun Violence
Yesterday at 5:14 am by Jude

» The Heritage Foundation - Jefferson’s Treasure: How Albert Gallatin Saved the New Nation from Debt
Yesterday at 5:13 am by Jude

» The Heritage Foundation - Nile Gardiner: New Brexit Deal "Gives the E.U. Everything It Wants," Hurts Britain
Yesterday at 5:12 am by Jude

» RWW News - Liz Crokin: "California Wildfires Were Set To Burn Evidence Of Pedophilia in Hollywood"
Yesterday at 5:10 am by Jude

» RWW News - Chris McDonald: "God Will Destroy The Dems If They Use The House To Harm Trump"
Yesterday at 5:09 am by Jude


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Dustin Nemos2 - Oath of Office 2015 - Mike Rogers (Q Shared This!)

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Dustin Nemos2 - Oath of Office 2015 - Mike Rogers (Q Shared This!)

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Y'va-re-che-cha Yahuah V'yish-mire-cha. Ya'er Yahuah panav elei-cha vihu-necha. Yi-sah Yahuah panav elei-cha, V'ya-sem l'cha shalom!

May Abba Yahuah Bless you and guard you. May the light of EL Shaddai shine upon you, and may Abba Yahuah be gracious to you. May the presence of Elohim be with you and give you peace! - Judy

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