18 April - Psalm 17, 35, 54 And 63

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18 April - Psalm 17, 35, 54 And 63 Empty 18 April - Psalm 17, 35, 54 And 63

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My soul doth magnify my YAH, and my spirit hath rejoiced in EL my Saviour; For HE that is mighty hath done to me great things; and Holy is HIS Name.  Now unto HIM who is ever present in my helpless estate; who is able to keep me from falling and to present me faultless before the presence of His Glory with exceeding joy, unto the King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, the only wise EL our Saviour be honour and glory and majesty, dominion and power both now and for ever Halleluyah!


1Hear righteousness, יהוה, Listen to my cry; Give ear to my prayer, From lips without deceit.

2Let my right-ruling go out from Your presence; Let Your eyes see what is straight.

3You have examined my heart; You have visited me in the night; You have tried me – You find I have not schemed; My mouth would not transgress.

4As for the deeds of men – By the word of Your lips, I have kept myself from the paths of the destroyer.

5My steps have held fast to Your paths, My feet have not slipped.

6I have called upon You, for You answer me, O Ěl; Incline Your ear to me, hear my speech.

7Let Your kindness be distinguished, You who save by Your right hand those who take refuge From those who rise up.

8Guard me as the apple of Your eye. Hide me under the shadow of Your wings,

9From the face of the wrong who ravage me, From my deadly enemies who surround me.

10They are enclosed in their own fat, They speak proudly with their mouths,

11They have now surrounded us in our steps, They set their eyes to cast us to the ground,

12Like a lion who is eager to tear his prey, And as a young lion crouching in cover.

13Arise, O יהוה, Confront him, cause him to bend; Deliver my being from the wrong by Your sword,

14From men by Your hand, O יהוה, From men of the world whose portion is in this life, And You fill their bellies with Your treasure, They are satisfied with children, And shall leave their riches to their babes.

15As for me, let Me see Your face in righteousness; I am satisfied to see Your appearance when I awake.


1O יהוה, strive with those who strive with me; Fight against those who fight against me.

2Take hold of shield and armour, And rise for my help.

3And draw out spear and lance, To meet those who pursue me. Say to my life, “I am your deliverance.”

4Let those be ashamed and blush Who seek my life; Let those be turned back and abashed Who plot evil to me.

5Let them be as chaff before the wind, With a messenger of יהוה driving on.

6Let their way be dark and slippery, With a messenger of יהוה pursuing them.

7For without cause they hid their net for me; Without cause they dug a pit for my life.

8Let ruin come upon him unawares, And let his net that he hid catch himself; Let him fall in it, into ruin.

9But let my own being exult in יהוה; Let it rejoice in His deliverance.

10Let all my bones say, “יהוה, who is like You, Delivering the poor from one stronger than he, And the poor and the needy from him who robs him?”

11Ruthless witnesses rise up; They ask me that which I knew not.

12They reward me evil for good, bereaving my life.

13But I, when they were sick, I put on sackcloth; I humbled my being with fastings; And my prayer would return to my own bosom.

14I walked about as though he were my friend or brother; I bowed down mourning, as one mourning for a mother.

15But they rejoiced at my stumbling And gathered together; The smiters gathered against me, And I did not know it; They tore in pieces without ceasing,

16With unclean ones, mockers at feasts, Gnashing at me with their teeth.

17יהוה, how long would You look on? Rescue my being from their destructions, My only life from the lions.

18I give You thanks in the great assembly; I praise You among a mighty people.

19Let not my lying enemies rejoice over me; Or those who hate me without cause wink their eyes.

20For they do not speak peace, But they devise words of deceit Against the peaceable ones of the land.

21And they open their mouth wide against me, They said, “Aha, aha! Our eyes have seen it.”

22This You have seen, O יהוה; Do not be silent. O יהוה, do not be far from me.

23Stir up Yourself and awake to my right-ruling – To my cause, my Elohim and my Master.

24Rule me rightly, O יהוה my Elohim, According to Your righteousness; And let them not rejoice over me.

25Let them not say in their hearts, “Aha, our desire!” Let them not say, “We have swallowed him up.”

26Let those who are rejoicing at my evil Be ashamed and abashed altogether; Let those who are exalting themselves over me Be clad in shame and humiliation.

27Let those who delight in my righteous cause Shout for joy and be glad, And let them always say, “Let יהוה be made great, Who is desiring the peace of His servant.”

28And my tongue shall speak of Your righteousness, Your praise, All day long.


1O Elohim, save me by Your Name, And rightly rule me by Your might.

2Hear my prayer, O Elohim; Give ear to the words of my mouth.

3For strangers have risen up against me, And cruel men have sought after my life; They have not set Elohim before them. Selah.

4See, Elohim is my helper; יהוה is with those who sustain my life.

5He repays evil to my enemies. Cut them off in Your truth.

6Voluntarily I slaughter to You; I praise Your Name, O יהוה, for it is good.

7For He has delivered me out of all distress; And my eye has looked upon my enemies.


1O Elohim, You are my Ěl; I earnestly seek You; My being has thirsted for You; My flesh has longed for You In a dry and thirsty land without water.

2Therefore I have had a vision of You In the set-apart place, To see Your power and Your esteem.

3Because Your kindness is better than life, My lips do praise You.

4Therefore I bless You while I live; In Your Name I lift up my hands.

5My being is satisfied as with marrow and fat, And my mouth praises You with singing lips.

6When I remember You on my bed, I meditate on You in the night watches.

7For You have been my help, And in the shadow of Your wings I sing.

8My being has closely followed You; Your right hand did uphold me.

9But those who seek to destroy my life, Go into the lower parts of the earth.

10They are handed over To the power of the sword; They become a portion for jackals.

11But let the sovereign rejoice in Elohim; Let everyone who swears by Him exult; For the mouth of those speaking lies are stopped.

Y'va-re-che-cha Yahuah V'yish-mire-cha. Ya'er Yahuah panav elei-cha vihu-necha. Yi-sah Yahuah panav elei-cha, V'ya-sem l'cha shalom!

May Abba Yahuah Bless you and guard you. May the light of EL Shaddai shine upon you, and may Abba Yahuah be gracious to you. May the presence of Elohim be with you and give you peace! - Judy

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