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30 June - 2 Chronicles 19-23

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30 June - 2 Chronicles 19-23

Post  Jude on Sat Dec 29, 2018 1:21 am

My soul doth magnify my YAH, and my spirit hath rejoiced in EL my Saviour; For HE that is mighty hath done to me great things; and Holy is HIS Name.  Now unto HIM who is ever present in my helpless estate; who is able to keep me from falling and to present me faultless before the presence of His Glory with exceeding joy, unto the King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, the only wise EL our Saviour be honour and glory and majesty, dominion and power both now and for ever Halleluyah!

2 CHRONICLES 19      

1And Yehoshaphat the sovereign of Yehuḏah returned to his house in peace in Yerushalayim.

2And Yĕhu son of Ḥanani the seer went out to face him, and said to Sovereign Yehoshaphat, “Do you help the wrong and love those who hate יהוה? Therefore the wrath of יהוה is upon you.

3“But good matters are found in you, in that you have removed the Ashĕroth from the land, and have prepared your heart to seek Elohim.”

4So Yehoshaphat dwelt in Yerushalayim, and he went out again among the people from Be’ĕrsheḇa to the hill country of Ephrayim, and brought them back to יהוה Elohim of their fathers.

5And he appointed judges in the land in all the walled cities of Yehuḏah, city by city,

6and said to the judges, “Watch what you are doing, for you do not judge for man, but for יהוה who is with you in the matter of right-ruling.

7“And now, let the fear of יהוה be upon you. Guard and do it, for there is no unrighteousness with יהוה our Elohim, nor partiality, nor taking of bribes.”

8And in Yerushalayim Yehoshaphat also appointed some of the Lĕwites and priests, and some of the chief fathers of Yisra’ĕl, for the right-ruling of יהוה and for dispute. Then they returned to Yerushalayim.

9And he commanded them, saying, “Do this in the fear of יהוה, trustworthily and with a perfect heart:

10“When any dispute comes to you from your brothers who dwell in their cities, between blood and blood, between Torah and command, laws and right-rulings, then you shall warn them, lest they trespass against יהוה and wrath come upon you and your brothers. Do this, and you shall not be guilty.

11“And look, Amaryahu the chief priest is over you in all matters of יהוה. And Zeḇaḏyahu son of Yishma‛ĕl, the ruler of the house of Yehuḏah, for all the matters of the sovereign, and the Lĕwites are officials before you. Be strong and do, and יהוה is with the good.”


1And after this it came to be that the children of Mo’aḇ and the children of Ammon came in, and with them some of the peoples, against Yehoshaphat to battle.

2And they came and spoke to Yehoshaphat, saying, “A great army is coming against you from beyond the sea, from Aram. And see, they are in Ḥatsatson Tamar,” which is Ěn Geḏi.

3And Yehoshaphat was afraid, and set his face to seek יהוה, and proclaimed a fast throughout all Yehuḏah.

4And Yehuḏah gathered to inquire of יהוה, even from all the cities of Yehuḏah they came to seek יהוה.

5And Yehoshaphat stood in the assembly of Yehuḏah and Yerushalayim, in the House of יהוה, in front of the new courtyard,

6and said, “O יהוה Elohim of our fathers, are You not Elohim in the heavens, and do You not rule over all the reigns of the nations, and in Your hand is there not power and might, so that no one is able to stand against You?

7“Are You not our Elohim? You have driven out the inhabitants of this land before Your people Yisra’ĕl, and gave it to the seed of Aḇraham Your friend forever.

8“And they dwell in it, and have built You a set-apart place in it for Your Name, saying,

9‘If evil does come upon us, such as the sword, judgment, or pestilence, or scarcity of food, we shall stand before this House and in Your presence – for Your Name is in this House – and cry out to You in our distress, and You do hear and save.’

10“And now, see, the children of Ammon and Mo’aḇ, and Mount Sĕ‛ir, whom You would not let Yisra’ĕl invade when they came out of the land of Mitsrayim, for they turned from them and did not destroy them,

11and see, they are repaying us by coming in to drive us out of Your possession which You have given us to inherit.

12“O our Elohim, would You not judge them? For we are powerless against this great army that is coming against us. And we do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.”

13And all Yehuḏah, with their little ones, their wives, and their children, stood before יהוה.

14And the Spirit of יהוה came upon Yaḥazi’ĕl son of Zeḵaryahu, son of Benayah, son of Ye‛i’ĕl, son of Mattanyah, a Lĕwite of the sons of Asaph, in the midst of the assembly,

15and he said, “Listen, all Yehuḏah, and you inhabitants of Yerushalayim, and Sovereign Yehoshaphat! Thus said יהוה to you, ‘Do not fear, nor be afraid of the face of this great army, for the battle is not yours, but Elohim’s.

16‘Go down against them tomorrow. See, they are coming up by the ascent of Tsits, and you shall find them at the end of the wadi before the Wilderness of Yeru’ĕl.

17‘It is not for you to fight in this. Position yourselves, stand still and see the deliverance of יהוה with you, O Yehuḏah and Yerushalayim!’ Do not be afraid nor fear, go out against them tomorrow, for יהוה is with you.”

18And Yehoshaphat bowed his head with his face to the ground, and all Yehuḏah and the inhabitants of Yerushalayim fell down before יהוה, to bow themselves before יהוה.

19And the Lĕwites, of the children of the Qehathites and of the children of the Qorḥites stood up to praise יהוה Elohim of Yisra’ĕl with exceedingly loud voice.

20And they rose early in the morning and went out into the Wilderness of Teqowa. And as they went out, Yehoshaphat stood and said, “Hear me, O Yehuḏah and you inhabitants of Yerushalayim: Trust in יהוה your Elohim and be steadfast, trust His prophets and prosper.”

21And after consulting with the people, he appointed those who should sing to יהוה, and who should praise the splendour of set-apartness, as they went out before the army and were saying, “Give thanks to יהוה, for His kindness is everlasting.”

22And when they began singing and praising, יהוה set ambushes against the children of Ammon, Mo’aḇ, and Mount Sĕ‛ir, who had come against Yehuḏah, and they were smitten.

23Then the children of Ammon and Mo’aḇ stood up against the inhabitants of Mount Sĕ‛ir to destroy and annihilate them. And when they had made an end of the inhabitants of Sĕ‛ir, they helped to destroy one another.

24And when Yehuḏah came at the lookout in the wilderness, they looked toward the army and saw their dead bodies, lying on the ground, and none had escaped.

25And Yehoshaphat and his people came to take away their spoil, and they found among them a great amount of valuables on the dead bodies, and precious jewelry, which they stripped off for themselves, more than they could take away. And they were three days plundering the spoil, for it was much.

26And on the fourth day they assembled in the Valley of Beraḵah, for there they blessed יהוה. Therefore the name of that place was called The Valley of Beraḵah to this day.

27Then they returned, every man of Yehuḏah and Yerushalayim, with Yehoshaphat in front of them, to go back to Yerushalayim with joy, for יהוה had made them rejoice over their enemies.

28And they came to Yerushalayim, with harps and lyres and trumpets, to the House of יהוה.

29And the fear of Elohim was on all the reigns of the lands when they heard that יהוה had fought against the enemies of Yisra’ĕl.

30Then the reign of Yehoshaphat was at peace, for his Elohim gave him rest on all sides.

31Thus Yehoshaphat reigned over Yehuḏah – thirty-five years old when he began to reign, and he reigned twenty-five years in Yerushalayim. And his mother’s name was Azuḇah the daughter of Shilḥi.

32And he walked in the way of his father Asa and did not turn aside from it, doing what was right in the eyes of יהוה.

33Only, the high places were not taken away, for as yet the people had not prepared their hearts for the Elohim of their fathers.

34And the rest of the acts of Yehoshaphat, the first and the last, see, they are written in the book of Yĕhu son of Ḥanani, which is mentioned in the book of the sovereigns of Yisra’ĕl.

35And after this Yehoshaphat sovereign of Yehuḏah joined himself with Aḥazyah sovereign of Yisra’ĕl. He did wrong in doing so.

36And he joined himself with him to make ships to go to Tarshish, and they made the ships in Etsyon Geḇer.

37Then Eli‛ezer son of Doḏawahu of Marĕshah prophesied against Yehoshaphat, saying, “Because you have joined yourself with Aḥazyahu, יהוה shall break up your work.” And the ships were wrecked, so that they were unable to go to Tarshish.


1And Yehoshaphat slept with his fathers, and was buried with his fathers in the City of Dawiḏ. And Yehoram his son reigned in his place.

2And he had brothers, the sons of Yehoshaphat: Azaryahu, and Yeḥi’ĕl, and Zeḵaryahu, and Azaryahu, and Miḵa’ĕl, and Shephatyahu. All these were sons of Yehoshaphat sovereign of Yisra’ĕl.

3And their father gave them many gifts of silver and gold and precious items, with walled cities in Yehuḏah, but he had given the reign to Yehoram because he was the first-born.

4And when Yehoram had risen up over the reign of his father and made himself strong, he slew all his brothers with the sword, and also others of the heads of Yisra’ĕl.

5Yehoram was thirty-two years old when he began to reign, and he reigned eight years in Yerushalayim.

6And he walked in the way of the sovereigns of Yisra’ĕl, as the house of Aḥaḇ had done, for he had the daughter of Aḥaḇ as a wife. And he did evil in the eyes of יהוה.

7However, יהוה would not destroy the house of Dawiḏ, because of the covenant He had made with Dawiḏ, and since He had promised to give a lamp to him and to his sons, all the days.

8In his days the Eḏomites revolted from under the hand of Yehuḏah, and appointed a sovereign over themselves.

9Then Yehoram went out with his officers, and all his chariots with him. And it came to be that he rose by night and smote the Eḏomites who had surrounded him and the commanders of the chariots.

10Thus the Eḏomites revolted from under the hand of Yehuḏah to this day. Then Liḇnah revolted from under his hand, because he had forsaken יהוה Elohim of his fathers.

11He had also made high places in the mountains of Yehuḏah, and caused the inhabitants of Yerushalayim to commit whoring, and led Yehuḏah astray.

12And a letter came to him from Ěliyahu the prophet, saying, Thus said יהוה Elohim of your father Dawiḏ, “Because you have not walked in the ways of Yehoshaphat your father, or in the ways of Asa sovereign of Yehuḏah,

13but have walked in the way of the sovereigns of Yisra’ĕl, and have made Yehuḏah and the inhabitants of Yerushalayim to commit whoring like the whorings of the house of Aḥaḇ, and also have slain your brothers, those of your father’s household, who were better than yourself,

14see, יהוה is going to strike with a great blow among your people, your children, your wives, and all your possessions,

15and you, with many sicknesses, with disease of your intestines, until your intestines come out because of the sickness, day by day.”

16And יהוה stirred up the spirit of the Philistines against Yehoram, and of the Araḇians who were near the Kushites.

17And they came up into Yehuḏah and broke into it, and captured all the possessions that were found in the sovereign’s house, and also his sons and his wives, so that there was not a son left to him except Yeho’aḥaz, the youngest of his sons.

18And after all this יהוה plagued him in his intestines with a disease for which there was no healing.

19And it came to be in the course of time, at the end of two years, that his intestines came out because of his sickness, and he died in great pain. And his people made no burning for him, like the burning for his fathers.

20He was thirty-two years old when he began to reign, and he reigned eight years in Yerushalayim, to no one’s regret, and passed away. And they buried him in the City of Dawiḏ, but not in the tombs of the sovereigns.


1And the inhabitants of Yerushalayim set up Aḥazyahu his youngest son to reign in his place, for the raiding band that came with the Araḇians into the camp had slain all the older sons. So Aḥazyahu son of Yehoram, sovereign of Yehuḏah, reigned.

2Aḥazyahu was forty-two years old when he began to reign, and he reigned in Yerushalayim one year. And his mother’s name was Athalyahu the granddaughter of Omri.

3He too walked in the ways of the house of Aḥaḇ, for his mother counselled him to do wrong.

4And he did evil in the eyes of יהוה, like the house of Aḥaḇ, for they were his counsellors after the death of his father, to his destruction.

5He also walked in their counsel, and went with Yehoram son of Aḥaḇ sovereign of Yisra’ĕl to fight against Ḥaza’ĕl sovereign of Aram at Ramoth Gil‛ad. And the Arameans smote Yoram,

6and he returned to Yizre‛ĕl to recover from the wounds which he had received at Ramah, when he fought against Ḥaza’ĕl sovereign of Aram. And Azaryahu son of Yehoram, sovereign of Yehuḏah, went down to see Yehoram son of Aḥaḇ in Yizre‛ĕl, for he was sick.

7But from Elohim came the downfall of Aḥazyahu, through his coming to Yoram. For when he came he went out with Yehoram against Yĕhu son of Nimshi, whom יהוה had anointed to cut off the house of Aḥaḇ.

8And it came to be, when Yĕhu was executing judgment on the house of Aḥaḇ, that he found the rulers of Yehuḏah and the sons of Aḥazyahu’s brothers who served Aḥazyahu, and slew them.

9So he searched for Aḥazyahu, and they caught him while he was hiding in Shomeron, and brought him to Yĕhu, and put him to death, then buried him, for they said, “He is the son of Yehoshaphat, who sought יהוה with all his heart.” And there was none in the house of Aḥazyahu strong enough to reign.

10And when Athalyahu the mother of Aḥazyahu saw that her son was dead, she rose up and destroyed all the offspring of the reign of the house of Yehuḏah.

11But Yehoshaḇ‛ath, the daughter of the sovereign, took Yo’ash son of Aḥazyahu, and stole him away from among the sovereign’s sons who were slain, and put him and his nurse in a bedroom. So Yehoshaḇ‛ath, the daughter of Sovereign Yehoram, the wife of Yehoyaḏa the priest, because she was the sister of Aḥazyahu, hid him from Athalyahu so that she could not put him to death.

12And he was hidden with them in the House of Elohim for six years, while Athalyah was reigning over the land.


1And in the seventh year Yehoyaḏa strengthened himself, and made a covenant with the commanders of hundreds: Azaryah son of Yeroḥam, and Yishma‛ĕl son of Yehoḥanan, and Azaryahu son of Oḇĕḏ, and Ma‛asĕyahu son of Aḏayahu, and Elishaphat son of Ziḵri.

2And they went about through Yehuḏah and gathered the Lĕwites from all the cities of Yehuḏah, and the chiefs of the fathers of Yisra’ĕl, and they came to Yerushalayim.

3And all the assembly made a covenant with the sovereign in the House of Elohim. And he said to them, “See, the son of the sovereign is to reign, as יהוה has said of the sons of Dawiḏ.

4“This is what you do: One-third of you entering on the Sabbath, of the priests and the Lĕwites, gatekeepers of the thresholds;

5and one-third are at the sovereign’s house, and one-third at the Gate of the Foundation, while all the people are in the courtyards of the House of יהוה.

6“And let no one come into the House of יהוה except the priests and those of the Lĕwites who serve – they go in, for they are set-apart. But all the people are to guard the Charge of יהוה.

7“And the Lĕwites shall surround the sovereign on all sides, every man with his weapons in his hand. And whoever comes into the house, let him be put to death. And be with the sovereign when he comes in and when he goes out.”

8And the Lĕwites and all Yehuḏah did according to all that Yehoyaḏa the priest commanded. And each man took his men who were to come in on the Sabbath, with those going out on the Sabbath, for Yehoyaḏa the priest did not dismiss the divisions.

9And Yehoyaḏa the priest gave to the commanders of hundreds the spears and the large and small shields which had been Sovereign Dawiḏ’s, that were in the House of Elohim.

10And he set all the people, every man with his weapon in his hand, from the right side of the House to the left side of the House, along by the altar and by the House, all around the sovereign.

11And they brought out the son of the sovereign and put on him the diadem and the Witness, and set him up to reign. Then Yehoyaḏa and his sons anointed him, and said, “Let the sovereign live!”

12And Athalyahu heard the noise of the people running and praising the sovereign, and she came to the people in the House of יהוה,

13and looked and saw the sovereign standing by his column at the entrance. And the chiefs and the trumpeters were beside the sovereign, and all the people of the land rejoicing and blowing trumpets, also the singers with instruments of song, and those who led in praise. Then Athalyahu tore her garments and said, “Treason! Treason!”

14And Yehoyaḏa the priest brought out the commanders of hundreds who were set over the army, and said to them, “Take her outside the ranks, and slay with the sword whoever follows her.” For the priest said, “Do not kill her in the House of יהוה.”

15So they laid hands on her, and she went by way of the entrance of the Horse Gate into the sovereign’s house, and they put her to death there.

16Yehoyaḏa then made a covenant – between himself and the people and the sovereign – to be the people of יהוה.

17And all the people went to the house of Ba‛al, and broke it down. They completely broke up its altars and images, and slew Mattan the priest of Ba‛al before the altars.

18And Yehoyaḏa put the offices of the House of יהוה into the hand of the priests, the Lĕwites, whom Dawiḏ had assigned in the House of יהוה, to offer the burnt offerings of יהוה, as it is written in the Torah of Mosheh, with rejoicing and with singing, by the hands of Dawiḏ.

19And he set the gatekeepers at the gates of the House of יהוה, so that no one who was in any way unclean should enter.

20And he took the commanders of hundreds, and the nobles, and the governors of the people, and all the people of the land, and brought the sovereign down from the House of יהוה. And they went through the Upper Gate to the sovereign’s house, and set the sovereign on the throne of the reign.

21And all the people of the land rejoiced. And the city had rest, for they had slain Athalyahu with the sword.


Y'va-re-che-cha Yahuah V'yish-mire-cha. Ya'er Yahuah panav elei-cha vihu-necha. Yi-sah Yahuah panav elei-cha, V'ya-sem l'cha shalom!

May Abba Yahuah Bless you and guard you. May the light of EL Shaddai shine upon you, and may Abba Yahuah be gracious to you. May the presence of Elohim be with you and give you peace! - Judy

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