Dear Friends and Family,

In the past few weeks, it's been getting difficult to keep this website up and running. My website is always under attack.  It's one reason why I had to leave my original website "The Olive Branch" and create this new forum.  Videos and articles are being dropped even seconds after I uploaded them.  Inappropriate and pornographic ads are popping up, and the visitor counts are unchanging. I have worked so very hard on this website.  In less than one year, I have uploaded over 37,448 articles, videos, etc. I am fatigued, yet I do this out of love and without compensation.

Lately, it's been diverting me to sign into another website in order to log on.  It's frustrating and disappointing.  IF You don't see activity or limited activity, this is the reason.  Most times, it is stating "session expired" or it has been bumping me offline in the middle of my work.  

The youtube videos that I upload are contingent upon its availability.  These are not mine.  I go over my 60-80 subscriptions daily to upload new contents, but if there is none available; then I am unable to provide up-to-date news.  I apologize in advance for the inconveniences, but please be assured that this is completely out of my control.

If for some reason I am unable to access my website or if it is continually shadowbanned or taken down, I apologize in advance, but I am unwilling to open another account.  It's just so much work and I am battling several health issues.  

Please pray for me and for this website.  I am all for the truth.  It is the reason why I opened this account.  Thanks in advance for your understanding, patience and time!  Shalom - ג'ודי ולז  (Judy Velez)