My dad (Jesus) was buried yesterday; (18 Oct 19 at 1300 - Guam).  I am having a very difficult time. In the last 18 months, I lost my disabled brother Rudy one day before his birthday (08.27.17).  My oldest brother had a cardiac arrest the following January.  My beloved grandson Zephaniah at 9 months almost died from bacterial meningitis (12.12.18).  Then I lost my mother Antonia on 03.23.19. I had breast surgery on 07.29.19 and then on 10.09.19 my dad passed away.  

The stress was incredible, and my heart was hurting so much.  I had a CT scan of the heart on 10.16.19  Last night my doctor's office called and said my insurance refuses to pay for it.  But oh no, it doesn't end there, I have another disabled sibling who has no support back home from our siblings or extended family. She is verbally assaulted daily by them. They took everything that was to go to her and essentially kicked her out of the house after my father's death.

I am trying to get her here, but finding intense resistance. I cannot blame her.  She is 53 years old and Guam is the only place she knows.  All that she loved is now gone. Before my dad died, they changed the locks and told her that once my dad dies she will never return to the house.  They have called her the most foul names.  It's unfathomable!  

I have been praying and asking Elohim (GOD) for mercy for her.  Our middle sister took her income tax return and would not give her.  It's almost a month now, and yesterday my disabled sister found it.  That sister of ours said to her, "who told you to touch that check?"  My sister said, "It's my check and if you take it from my purse, I am going to call the cops."  Now this sister is stating that she is going to call mental ward?  For what? They have all ganged up on her.  They tell her to make peace "because that is what our parents want" but, they are mistreating her.. Why do they expect her to shut up and do what they want?  Just because she is disabled, doesn't mean she isn't viable to defend herself!  They have long since abused her, my mother, dad and brother Rudy and they have delved into black magic... If you can, please say a prayer for me and for her.  It's too much! Thank you! - Judy