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» One America News Network - Restaurant Owner Faces Threats For Hosting GOP Senate Candidate
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» One America News Network - Journalist Jamal Khashoggi tied to Muslim Brotherhood, Prince Alwaleed
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» One America News Network - President Trump threatens to cut aid to Central American nations as migrant caravan continues
Today at 14:01 by Jude

» One America News Network - President Trump holds massive Texas rally, supports Sen. Ted Cruz
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» One America News Network - Chinese-Americans protest Harvard affirmative action
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» Fox News - Vice President Pence delivers remarks on Space Force
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» Fox News - Trump speaks at White House State Leadership Day Conference
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» Fox News - President Trump slams Democrats over the caravan crisis
Today at 13:55 by Jude

» Fox News - Fitton: Congress allowing Rosenstein to walk all over them
Today at 13:54 by Jude

» Fox News - Explosive device found in mailbox at George Soros' home
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» Fox News - Saudis planned Khashoggi's killing days before, Erdogan says
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» Fox News - Gov. Rick Scott battling to flip Florida Senate seat
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» The Next News Network - Pelosi Feels The WRATH of Cuban-American Protesters After Showing Up With The ONE PERSON They HATE
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» Dahboo 777 - Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments Removed from Museum for Being 'Inconsistent with Ancient Origin'
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» Bill Mitchell - YourVoice™ America (10/22) "Republican Midterm Surge!"
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» BP Earth Watch - Human Mind Control Virus/Black Cat/Halloween
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» BP Earth Watch - Live Massive Texas Rally
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» BP Earth Watch - 3 Strong 6.+ Quakes Cascadia Fault/CAT 4/Mexico
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» Israeli News Live - Clarify Last video Yeshua is Messiah
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» Israeli News Live - Trumps Two State Solution Gives Palestinians East Jerusalem?
Today at 7:30 by Jude

» Truthification Chronicles - Islam's CHILD BRIDES!!
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» Amicus Humani Generis - Trump: Let's Investigate Hillary Clinton By Nominating Her To The Supreme Court
Today at 7:19 by Jude

» Seething Frog - Aussie PM Apologies for Child Sex Abuse; See Links Below
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» Seething Frog - Faux News About Flu Vaccine See: Dr Mikowits
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» Judicial Watch - Tom Fitton: Court Criticizes State Department for Providing False Statements on Clinton Emails
Today at 7:09 by Jude

» Judicial Watch - Tom Fitton: FBI Sat on Clinton/Abedin Emails JUST BEFORE 2016 Election!
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» Judicial Watch - Invasion? Judicial Watch Team in Guatemala Investigating Caravans Heading to U.S.!
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» Judicial Watch - Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyers
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» Dahboo 77 - "National Emergency" - Trump To Cut Central American Aid As Mexico Loses Control Of Migrant Army
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» Dahboo 77 - Strong Earthquakes Hit Near Vancouver Island, Quake Swarm at New Madrid Fault
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» Screen Hoopla - It's Always Trump's Fault Right? Who Should Take Responsibility For Their Actions?
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» Screen Hoopla - Will President Trump's Demands Be Met Or Not?
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» Screen Hoopla - Well, A Breath Of Fresh Air...Look Who Is Now President Trump's Biggest Ally!!
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» Anonymous Official - This is Getting Scary ... First Hand Knowledge of Extraterrestial
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» Seeking The Truth - President Trump Declares National Emergency As Migrant Army Marches To Border
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» Seeking The Truth - Judge Orders Mueller To ‘Put Up Or Shut Up’ About Russian Meddling
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» The Patriot Hour - Declas Of FISA Will Initiate [WWG1WGA]
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» The Patriot Hour - Q# A Tribute To The Community [Thank You] MUST WATCH
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» Dutchsinse - 10/23/2018 -- Major Earthquake Activity strikes USA West Coast -- Pacific unrest likely
Today at 6:06 by Jude

» Dutchsinse - 10/22/2018 -- Major Earthquake activity in Northwest USA / Canada -- 40 mile zone fractures
Today at 6:06 by Jude

» Dutchsinse - 10/22/2018 -- Large Series of Earthquakes strikes Pacific Northwest USA -- M6.8 , M6.6, M6.2
Today at 6:05 by Jude

» Dutchsinse - 10/22/2018 -- Global Earthquake Forecast -- Deep earthquake event -- Major unrest AGAIN likely
Today at 6:05 by Jude

» The Still Report - Biggest Trump Rally Ever Houston 100,000+ | 2419
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» The Still Report - Red Sky in the Morning, Dems Take Warning| 2418
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» One America News Network - Here's how a border wall pays for itself
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» Scriptures on Perversely
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» One America News Network - A mob is a mob is a mob
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» One America News Network - Tonight's Tipping Points: Politicon, Caravan, & Florida Governor Debate!
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» One America News Network - Bob Hugin looks to unseat Sen. Menendez
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» One America News Network - Study: Mass shootings less frequent in U.S.
Today at 5:58 by Jude

» Scriptures on Perverse
Today at 5:57 by Jude

» Scriptures on Perpetually
Today at 5:53 by Jude

» One America News Network - Saudi Arabia gives new account of Khashoggi death
Today at 5:52 by Jude

» One America News Network - OAN'S Patrick Hussion catches up with Liz Wheeler at this year's Politicon
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» One America News Network - OAN’s Week in Review
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» Scriptures on Perpetual
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» Scriptures on Permitted
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» Scriptures on Permit
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» Scriptures on Permission
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» Scriptures on Perjured
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» Conservative Citizen - Ann Coulter Reacts to Migrant Caravan Marching to US Border
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» Conservative Citizen - Rep. Jim Jordan on Migrant Caravan, Midterm Elections
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» Conservative Citizen - Joe diGenova on WMAL's Mornings on the Mall
Today at 5:33 by Jude

» Think About It - No Conscience And No Law Equals A World You Won't Like Anymore
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» James Red Pills America - Donald Trump Biography - Super Rare Footage New Video Location
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» X Anon - Satanists Attempt To Normalize Demonic Worship
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» X Anon - Illuminati, Satan, Feminism, Abortion
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» X Anon - Clintons And Church Of Satan
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» War Drummer Official - E_erg_ncy, E_erg_ncy.... U_gent.. Border patrols needed
Today at 4:45 by Jude

» Dustin Nemos2 - Jerry Day & Dustin Nemos on EMF, Smart Meters, Spy Grid, and 5g
Today at 4:44 by Jude

» Dustin Nemos2 - Caravan, Midterms, And More
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» Tristan Radaelli - Rush Limbaugh Show - 10.22.18
Today at 4:43 by Jude


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Screen Hoopla - What Trump Just Did Will Go Down In History As Day USA Was Saved From Wall Street’s Greed

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Screen Hoopla - What Trump Just Did Will Go Down In History As Day USA Was Saved From Wall Street’s Greed

Post  Jude on Sun 25 Mar 2018 - 16:39

What Trump Just Did Will Go Down In History As Day USA Was Saved From Wall Street’s Greed

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It all started with the now disgraced CEO of GE Jack Welch. He started the offshoring boom to line his pockets and those of other large shareholders.

Other companies quickly followed suit. Our politicians were bought off and America plunged into a series of mini-recessions that some workers were never able to get out of.

Jack and the others who sold America out came up with ever desperate corporate double speak to try to hide what they were really doing.

Wall Street and the media elites ate it up and America was inundated with catchphrases to hide the lie.

But we weren’t stupid – we saw the only new jobs available at Burger King and watched in horror as they added insult to injury and started importing cheaper foreign workers they made us train.

Wealth inequality grew to dangerous levels (for a healthy democracy) and America became more 3rd world – the really rich and everyone else – than first world.

Then the greedy geniuses let China into the WTO. They saw more dollar signs they could skim from hiring basically slave labor in China.

Corporate profits took off while wages went south. The American worker never recovered.

But these morons also allowed China to blackmail them – access to slave labor for your intellectual property.

The clowns in charge didn’t see a problem with this and in a blink of an eye (18 years), China went from a backwater militarily and economically to a real rival to America’s leadership.

In the process, they saddled this country with trillions in debt while they laughed all the way to the bank. It was the single biggest mistake in the history of the world and thankfully Trump just ended it.

Instead of thanking him for saving America, Wall Street and the media elites are whining “the sky is falling… the sky is falling.”

The sky is not falling, this is not a catastrophe unless you are China or a greedy corporate CEO.

The Trump administration will impose about $60 billion in new trade penalties against China, the first targeted trade measures aimed directly at Chinese “economic aggression.”

“We have a tremendous intellectual property theft situation going on,” President Donald Trump said Thursday, revealing that he has spoken with Chinese leadership about this issue and the “out of control” trade deficit. The U.S. is preparing to take punitive action against China to the tune of tens of billions of dollars.

“This is just a fraction of what we’re talking about,” the president added, announcing that he has asked China to take steps to reduce the trade deficit by $100 billion or more. Trump said the U.S. is having “very large negotiations” with China on trade.

It’s about time.

America is officially back – the real America – not Wall Street and it’s glorious.
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Y'va-re-che-cha Yahuah V'yish-mire-cha. Ya'er Yahuah panav elei-cha vihu-necha. Yi-sah Yahuah panav elei-cha, V'ya-sem l'cha shalom!

May Abba Yahuah Bless you and guard you. May the light of EL Shaddai shine upon you, and may Abba Yahuah be gracious to you. May the presence of Elohim be with you and give you peace! - Judy

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