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» Judicial Watch - Tom Fitton: Security at Southern Border 'Just Isn't Working Anymore'
Today at 0:37 by Jude

» Lori Colley - Q Review: Systematic Destruction of the Old Guard
Today at 0:36 by Jude

» The Still Report - OAN Update Las Vegas Mass Shooting | 2421
Today at 0:35 by Jude

» The Still Report - Andrew Gillum's Family Possible Voter Fraud | 2420
Today at 0:33 by Jude

» Seeking The Truth - Hillary Clinton Begs Rothschilds For Forgiveness In Leaked Email
Today at 0:31 by Jude

» Fox News - Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on what awaits migrant caravan
Today at 0:26 by Jude

» Fox News - 'Jobs not mobs': Trump unveils new midterm message
Today at 0:25 by Jude

» Fox News - Report: Gillum accepted 'Hamilton' tickets from FBI agent
Today at 0:25 by Jude

» Fox News - What can US do to stop migrant caravans?
Today at 0:24 by Jude

» Fox News - Chaffetz, McDaniel on consequences of voting Democrat
Today at 0:24 by Jude

» Fox News - Papadopoulos reacts to FBI omitting his collusion denial
Today at 0:23 by Jude

» Fox News - Do Democrats condone mob tactics?
Today at 0:23 by Jude

» Fox News - Tucker talks to Keith Ellison's accuser
Today at 0:22 by Jude

» Fox News - Jordan predicts what a Democrat-majority House looks like
Today at 0:22 by Jude

» Fox News - Lara Trump on Obama taking credit for economic boom
Today at 0:21 by Jude

» Fox News - 'The Five' reacts to growing migrant caravan crisis
Today at 0:21 by Jude

» Fox News - Trump claims 'definitely' MS-13, terrorists in caravan
Today at 0:19 by Jude

» Fox News - Pompeo holds State Department press briefing
Today at 0:19 by Jude

» Fox News - Trump: I am a nationalist and proud of it
Today at 0:18 by Jude

» Fox News - Trump speaks at White House State Leadership Day Conference
Today at 0:17 by Jude

» News Radio For You - Rush Limbaugh Show | 10.23.18
Today at 0:14 by Jude

» News Radio For You - Rush Limbaugh Show | 10.22.18
Today at 0:13 by Jude

» News Radio For You - Rush Limbaugh Show | 10.19.18
Today at 0:13 by Jude

» News Radio For You - Rush Limbaugh Show | 10.18.18
Today at 0:12 by Jude

» Sgt. Report - Kerri Rivera: "The VIDEO they DON'T want you to see"
Today at 0:10 by Jude

» Project Veritas Action - Sen Heitkamp Dir. Details Bait & Switch "… when she gets elected she's going to be super liberal
Today at 0:08 by Jude

» Dinesh D'Souza - It's time to take away the Democrats' big get out of jail free cards
Today at 0:07 by Jude

» Dustin Nemos2 - Donald Jeffries and Dustin Nemos Discuss 911 and Political Balkinization
Today at 0:06 by Jude

» BP Earth Watch - FLORIDA'S RED TIDE/Help Coming
Today at 0:04 by Jude

» Dahboo 77 - Texas Nuclear Weapons Facility Activates ‘Emergency Response Organization’, ‘Operational Emergency'
Today at 0:03 by Jude

» Dutchsinse - 10/24/2018 -- Multiple areas on Earthquake watch across Pacific -- Japan + California possible hits
Today at 0:01 by Jude

» Dutchsinse - 10/23/2018 -- Major Earthquake Activity strikes USA West Coast -- Pacific unrest likely
Today at 0:00 by Jude

» The Next News Network - After Trump-Hating Brooklyn Witches Cast A Spell on Kavanaugh BAD NEWS Hits Them In Their FACES
Yesterday at 23:50 by Jude

» The Patriot Hour - Trump's Tweet On A Stormy High [Horseface]
Yesterday at 14:10 by Jude

» Project Veritas Action - O'Keefe Indignant at Nat Conf on the #1A: “I don’t seek your recognition, I seek your distribution.”
Yesterday at 14:09 by Jude

» Judicial Watch - Judicial Watch EXCLUSIVE RAW Video: Caravan Migrants 'From All Over the World'
Yesterday at 14:07 by Jude

» Judicial Watch - Tom Fitton: Rod Rosenstein Getting Special Treatment for Upcoming Congressional Testimony?
Yesterday at 14:05 by Jude

» Judicial Watch - Judicial Watch EXCLUSIVE Interview w/ Caravan Member in Guatemala
Yesterday at 14:04 by Jude

» One America News Network - Restaurant Owner Faces Threats For Hosting GOP Senate Candidate
Yesterday at 14:03 by Jude

» One America News Network - Journalist Jamal Khashoggi tied to Muslim Brotherhood, Prince Alwaleed
Yesterday at 14:02 by Jude

» One America News Network - President Trump threatens to cut aid to Central American nations as migrant caravan continues
Yesterday at 14:01 by Jude

» One America News Network - President Trump holds massive Texas rally, supports Sen. Ted Cruz
Yesterday at 14:00 by Jude

» One America News Network - Chinese-Americans protest Harvard affirmative action
Yesterday at 13:59 by Jude

» Fox News - Vice President Pence delivers remarks on Space Force
Yesterday at 13:57 by Jude

» Fox News - Trump speaks at White House State Leadership Day Conference
Yesterday at 13:56 by Jude

» Fox News - President Trump slams Democrats over the caravan crisis
Yesterday at 13:55 by Jude

» Fox News - Fitton: Congress allowing Rosenstein to walk all over them
Yesterday at 13:54 by Jude

» Fox News - Explosive device found in mailbox at George Soros' home
Yesterday at 13:53 by Jude

» Fox News - Saudis planned Khashoggi's killing days before, Erdogan says
Yesterday at 13:52 by Jude

» Fox News - Scaramucci: John Kelly 'ill-suited' for White House job
Yesterday at 13:47 by Jude

» Fox News - Gov. Rick Scott battling to flip Florida Senate seat
Yesterday at 12:22 by Jude

» The Next News Network - Pelosi Feels The WRATH of Cuban-American Protesters After Showing Up With The ONE PERSON They HATE
Yesterday at 12:16 by Jude

» The Next News Network - GOP UNLEASHES New Midterm Ad That Is Now The Democrat Party’s WORST NIGHTMARE
Yesterday at 12:15 by Jude

» The Next News Network - Family Walks In To Ruby Tuesday, Hostess Takes One Look At What He’s Wearing Then IMMEDIATELY Reacts
Yesterday at 12:14 by Jude

» The Next News Network - President Trump BLINDSIDES Dems With HUGE Promise That Will Bury Their “Blue Wave” Once And For All
Yesterday at 8:00 by Jude

» The Ring Of Fire - John Roberts Gets SMACKED DOWN By His Own SCOTUS
Yesterday at 7:58 by Jude

» Operation Freedom - President Trump, Khashogi, Soros and the Deep State
Yesterday at 7:46 by Jude

» Dick Morris Reports - The 2020 Democratic Field Takes Shape!
Yesterday at 7:45 by Jude

» Dick Morris Reports - Hillary Going Nuts!
Yesterday at 7:45 by Jude

» Dick Morris Reports - Trump’s Base Returns In Time For Midterms!
Yesterday at 7:44 by Jude

» Dick Morris Reports - Midterm Election Disasters In History: FDR In 1938!
Yesterday at 7:43 by Jude

» Dinesh D'Souza - Democrats are the losers and Trump is the winner this week
Yesterday at 7:42 by Jude

» Dahboo 777 - Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments Removed from Museum for Being 'Inconsistent with Ancient Origin'
Yesterday at 7:40 by Jude

» Dahboo 777 - China Slams Trump's Plan to Ditch INF Treaty, Russia Says They Will 'RestoreBalance'
Yesterday at 7:40 by Jude

» Bill Mitchell - YourVoice™ America (10/22) "Republican Midterm Surge!"
Yesterday at 7:37 by Jude

» BP Earth Watch - Human Mind Control Virus/Black Cat/Halloween
Yesterday at 7:33 by Jude

» BP Earth Watch - Live Massive Texas Rally
Yesterday at 7:32 by Jude

» BP Earth Watch - 3 Strong 6.+ Quakes Cascadia Fault/CAT 4/Mexico
Yesterday at 7:32 by Jude

» Israeli News Live - Clarify Last video Yeshua is Messiah
Yesterday at 7:31 by Jude

» Israeli News Live - Trumps Two State Solution Gives Palestinians East Jerusalem?
Yesterday at 7:30 by Jude

» Truthification Chronicles - Islam's CHILD BRIDES!!
Yesterday at 7:29 by Jude

» Amicus Humani Generis - Trump: Let's Investigate Hillary Clinton By Nominating Her To The Supreme Court
Yesterday at 7:19 by Jude

» Seething Frog - Aussie PM Apologies for Child Sex Abuse; See Links Below
Yesterday at 7:18 by Jude

» Seething Frog - Faux News About Flu Vaccine See: Dr Mikowits
Yesterday at 7:17 by Jude

» Judicial Watch - Tom Fitton: Court Criticizes State Department for Providing False Statements on Clinton Emails
Yesterday at 7:09 by Jude

» Judicial Watch - Tom Fitton: FBI Sat on Clinton/Abedin Emails JUST BEFORE 2016 Election!
Yesterday at 7:09 by Jude

» Judicial Watch - Invasion? Judicial Watch Team in Guatemala Investigating Caravans Heading to U.S.!
Yesterday at 7:07 by Jude

» Judicial Watch - Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyers
Yesterday at 7:07 by Jude

» Dahboo 77 - "National Emergency" - Trump To Cut Central American Aid As Mexico Loses Control Of Migrant Army
Yesterday at 7:06 by Jude

» Dahboo 77 - Strong Earthquakes Hit Near Vancouver Island, Quake Swarm at New Madrid Fault
Yesterday at 7:05 by Jude

» Screen Hoopla - It's Always Trump's Fault Right? Who Should Take Responsibility For Their Actions?
Yesterday at 7:03 by Jude

» Screen Hoopla - Will President Trump's Demands Be Met Or Not?
Yesterday at 7:01 by Jude

» Screen Hoopla - Well, A Breath Of Fresh Air...Look Who Is Now President Trump's Biggest Ally!!
Yesterday at 6:51 by Jude

» Anonymous Official - This is Getting Scary ... First Hand Knowledge of Extraterrestial
Yesterday at 6:49 by Jude

» Seeking The Truth - President Trump is Activating our Military if Migrant Army 'Caravan' gets to the border
Yesterday at 6:47 by Jude

» Seeking The Truth - Judge Orders Mueller To ‘Put Up Or Shut Up’ About Russian Meddling
Yesterday at 6:38 by Jude

» The Patriot Hour - Declas Of FISA Will Initiate [WWG1WGA]
Yesterday at 6:08 by Jude

» The Patriot Hour - Q# A Tribute To The Community [Thank You] MUST WATCH
Yesterday at 6:07 by Jude

» Dutchsinse - 10/23/2018 -- Major Earthquake Activity strikes USA West Coast -- Pacific unrest likely
Yesterday at 6:06 by Jude

» Dutchsinse - 10/22/2018 -- Major Earthquake activity in Northwest USA / Canada -- 40 mile zone fractures
Yesterday at 6:06 by Jude


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Screen Hoopla - Comey & Lynch In Documented Actions, Guilty In Shocking ‘Scandal’ Cover Up?

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Screen Hoopla - Comey & Lynch In Documented Actions, Guilty In Shocking ‘Scandal’ Cover Up?

Post  Jude on Tue 17 Apr 2018 - 9:53

Comey & Lynch In Documented Actions, Guilty In Shocking ‘Scandal’ Cover Up?

► Read More/ Source/ Credit(FAIR USE): ComeyLynchCoverUp

► Latest news videos: screenhoopla


President Trump Just Donated His Entire 4th Quarter Paycheck To Help Rebuild America!

Facebook Staffers Had Enough Of The Lies And Just Told America Exactly What Zuckerberg Is Doing

Stormy Daniels Saves President Trump, Leaves Robert Mueller Seething

Huma Facing 20 Years In PRISON After What Just Turned Up On A Laptop!

Trump Just Announced 2 SAVAGE Orders After 5 Alarm Crisis Erupts At Our Border

Trump Just Signed MAJOR Executive Order Overnight That Has Libs SCREAMING Mad! TOO BAD!

Shock & Awe! President Trump Lays Waste To ‘Slimeball’ James Comey

Mystery Surrounds Lawyer Hired By AG Jeff Sessions To Lead FBI Investigation!

24Hrs After Meghan Kicked Trump Of Guest List, The Queen Just Pissed Her Off With Her Announcement

JUST IN!! Trump: "We Have Found Hillary’s 33,000 ‘Missing’ Emails"

Judge Napolitano UNCOVERED Hillary Like Never Before! – Comey Caught Red Handed

Presidential Doctor Made MAJOR Announcement About Trump’s 1st Checkup!

Trey Gowdy Resigns From House Ethics Committee

Judge Issues Stern Warning to Trump… “Never, Never, Never…”

British Secret Agent Confession I Took Princess Diana Out!

Melania Has Given Back To Americans What Michelle Selfishly Took Away!

Scared Maxine ‘Goes Into Hiding’ As Trump Deals Her a Huge Dose of Justice

Retired MI5 Agent Confesses On His Deathbed I Killed Princess Diana

MASSIVE!!! Update on Trump’s Silent Actions Against George Soros & Cabal

Devin Nunes Just Risked Everything To Say Something To Laura That’ll Take Down The FBI


Trump Makes WORLD History: US Collects Unbelievable $19 Trillion Windfall - MAGIC WAND!

Lou Dobbs: "Biggest SCANDAL in American History points DIRECTLY to Obama and Clinton"

More Attorneys Found Dead In Wasserman Schultz Florida District!

Trey Gowdy 'Mops The Floor' With Adam Schiff Before Entire Congress


Breaking News!!! Here it is!! Congress memo release!

BREAKING News From DC!! Trump Just Made Urgent Announcement…

Breaking!!! It’s Happening Now After Shutdown!! Schumer To Blame!

World Holds Breath After Julian Assange Agrees To Trumps' Terms

Sessions In Full Panic!! Trump Just Discovered Who Deleted Fbi Text Messages!!


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