Dear Friends,

As of late almost all social medias, (this included) have been shadow-banning as well as censoring the work of those who are sharing the truth.  As a recipient, I can say this hurts me so much.  I've been very ill battling many health issues; yet I have been pushing myself to keep my website afloat and it's been overwhelming.  

I am not sure if I will continue to keep The Potters Clay open.  In the meantime, if you don't see any new posts it is because they have taken down the content or not allowed me to upload.  

I will be having surgery soon, so I ask for prayers please. I also will be taking care of my disabled sister, who I'll be sending for, as she is in a very hostile environment.  Because I will be extremely busy taking care of her and my health, plus the fact that my work here is almost always suppressed, I am heavily weighing the closure of The Potters Clay.  I apologize for the inconvenience; but I really tried my best.

Thanks for your prayers and for your visits. May Yah bless and keep you all.

Judy Velez